What did you learn from this course

Your written assignment for this module should be a 1-2 page paper (not including title page and reference page) that describes the following:

  • What did you learn from this course that you did not already know?
  • How will you apply what you learned to your patient care?


You should include a minimum of 2 references. Include a title page, in-text citations, and a reference page in APA format.

What did you learn from this course

Module 11 of this course has been an informative and insightful learning experience. Throughout this module, I have learned various concepts and principles related to the assessment and management of pediatric patients with different health conditions. In this essay, I will discuss what I learned from this course that I did not already know and how I will apply what I learned to my patient care.

Firstly, I learned about the different developmental stages in children and how they impact their physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development. This knowledge is crucial in determining appropriate healthcare interventions for pediatric patients, particularly in assessing their developmental milestones, ensuring age-appropriate care, and promoting healthy development. Additionally, I learned about the different approaches to patient-centered care in pediatrics, which involves involving the child and family in the decision-making process and tailoring care to their unique needs and preferences. I believe this approach will significantly improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, and I will apply it to my practice by ensuring that I prioritize the child and family’s involvement in all aspects of their care.

Moreover, I learned about various pediatric health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and infectious diseases, and their assessment and management. Specifically, I learned how to perform an accurate physical examination, take a comprehensive history, and interpret diagnostic tests for pediatric patients. I also learned about various pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions, including counseling, health education, and disease prevention strategies. This knowledge will enable me to provide more effective and evidence-based care to my pediatric patients, leading to improved outcomes.

In conclusion, this course has provided me with valuable insights and knowledge on the assessment and management of pediatric patients. I have learned about the different developmental stages in children, approaches to patient-centered care, and the assessment and management of various pediatric health conditions. I will apply this knowledge to my practice by ensuring that I provide patient-centered care, tailor interventions to the child’s unique needs and preferences, and prioritize health education and disease prevention strategies. By doing so, I am confident that I will improve my pediatric patient outcomes and contribute to their overall health and well-being.


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