director for an ambulatory surgery center

Imagine that you are the director for an ambulatory surgery center (ASC). Your ASC has historically performed well and it is a recognized leader in patient safety and has outperformed the vast majority of local ASCs on publicly reported quality, patient safety, and patient satisfaction measures. Competing ASCs are planning to expand their operations due to a growing demand for geriatric cases. There has been less demand for pediatric cases in the past 2 years.

Your chief pediatric surgeon approaches you with an idea to purchase a new surgical robot, which suggests that it can improve quality by reducing the size of a required incision, reducing post-op complications, and thereby expediting recovery. The robot, recently approved by the FDA, has wide-ranging applicability to your current cases. No other ASC is currently engaged in discussions with the vendor to purchase the new robot. Unfortunately, third-party payers will not reimburse for the additional consumables required by the robot. Furthermore, your team of surgical pediatricians are not currently certified to perform procedures with the robot. Certification requires completing three 1-hour training sessions and the completion of 20 successful cases under the oversight of a certified surgeon. How would you respond to the chief pediatric surgeon’s request?

To successfully complete this assignment, consider the following as you write a succinct email or letter back to the chief pediatric surgeon stating your recommended decision and/or seeking more information:

  • What is your role as the director for the ASC in making the decision?
  • What are the significant pieces of information you would need to consider in deciding to purchase the robot?
  • What are the capital requirements for a purchase of this magnitude?
  • How will the purchase of the robot be financed (i.e., from debt or equity)?
  • Would a lease through the vendor or a third party be an option?

Be sure to incorporate your considerations and justifications weighing the pros and cons. Remember, there are many ways to arrive at this decision and you can bring in make-believe, relevant, and/or real considerations beyond the context presented in this case. Also, consider the feasibility of an immediate purchase versus one made at a later time. There is no one correct answer. Rather, establish your reasoning for your decision.

Length: 1-3 pages, not including the reference page

References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources.

director for an ambulatory surgery center

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