nursing ethics strategies

Expand on your thoughts from Section 1 by identifying and describing strategies you intend to pursue to maintain integrity and ethics of your:

  1. academic work as a student of the MSN program and
  2. professional work as a nurse throughout your career. Include a review of resources and approaches you propose to use as a student and a professional.

nursing ethics strategies

As a student of the MSN program, maintaining academic integrity and ethics is crucial to my success and the integrity of the program. It is essential that I uphold ethical standards and avoid any form of academic misconduct, such as plagiarism or cheating, throughout my studies. To achieve this, I intend to pursue several strategies, including:

  1. Understanding the expectations: I plan to review and familiarize myself with the academic policies and guidelines provided by my institution, including the code of ethics for nursing. This will help me understand what is expected of me as a student and what actions I need to take to avoid academic misconduct.
  2. Time management: Poor time management can lead to rushed assignments and the temptation to cheat. To avoid this, I plan to manage my time effectively, allocate sufficient time for each assignment, and avoid last-minute rushes. This will give me enough time to research, write and edit my work without compromising my integrity.
  3. Citation and referencing: Acknowledging the work of other authors is crucial in academic writing. I plan to use appropriate citation and referencing styles to acknowledge the sources used in my work. This will not only help me avoid plagiarism but also show my understanding of the material.
  4. Peer review: Seeking feedback from peers and instructors is an excellent way to ensure the quality and integrity of my academic work. I plan to seek feedback from my classmates and instructors to identify areas of improvement and ensure that my work meets the required standards.

To maintain professional ethics and integrity throughout my nursing career, I plan to pursue the following strategies:

  1. Understanding the code of ethics: Nursing has a code of ethics that guides the profession’s conduct. I plan to familiarize myself with the code of ethics and understand its principles, values, and standards. This will help me make ethical decisions and provide ethical care to my patients.
  2. Continuing education: Continuing education is an excellent way to keep up with the latest practices, skills, and ethical issues in nursing. I plan to attend workshops, conferences, and seminars to improve my knowledge and skills and stay informed about ethical issues.
  3. Patient-centered care: As a nurse, my primary responsibility is to provide patient-centered care. I plan to focus on the patient’s needs, respect their choices, and ensure that their rights are protected. This will help me provide ethical care and maintain professional integrity.
  4. Ethical decision-making: Nursing involves making ethical decisions that can have significant consequences. I plan to use a structured approach to ethical decision-making, such as the ANA’s Code of Ethics Decision-Making Framework, to guide my decision-making and ensure that my actions align with ethical standards.

In conclusion, maintaining integrity and ethics in academic work and professional nursing practice is essential. By pursuing the strategies outlined above, I am confident that I will uphold ethical standards and avoid any form of academic or professional misconduct. Additionally, utilizing resources such as the code of ethics, continuing education, and peer review will help me remain knowledgeable, ethical, and effective throughout my nursing career.


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