Solution: SIM410 Assignment 5

Solution: SIM410 Assignment 5. Socio-Cultural Influences in Healthcare

Community assessment involves a methodical progression in which entities involved try becoming conversant with the community. The process allows one become familiar community population by taking part in investigating factors that impact on the population health. Health care providers comprising nurses conduct the community assessments. Health care providers take part in the investigation to find out the strengths, and risks of the community. They obtain valuable information required to guide the population work. The assessments allow students create proficient involvements in a collective way therefore contributing to community empowerment, and acceptable change that is appropriate for the vulnerable population.

Sentinel City has four localities that is the Acer Tech Center, Nightingale Square, Casper Park, in addition to Industrial Heights. Casper Park has one of the vulnerable populations. Youths composed a higher percentage in the neighborhood. Families in Casper Park have the 2nd lowest health insurance cover. Such results in deadly outcomes as there exist less social plus health services available in the social set up. Industrial Heights also composes another vulnerable population. The average income of populaces in Industrial Heights is four times lower than Casper Park. Thirty eight percent of the population have no health insurance. Whites make the highest percentage in Casper Park whereas the Industrial park’s population constitutes African-Americans and Latin….Solution: SIM410 Assignment 5…..

Solution: SIM410 Assignment 5

Sentinel City experience three major health concerns including, lack of social and health services for low income individuals, poor health insurance, and lastly, lack of access to education in the community. Poor health insurance is evident by the heavily populated areas including Casper Park and Industrial Heights. These areas have the highest population with lowest health insurance. From observations, there is a lack of health services and pharmacies located in these areas. This can only correlate to an unreported low of sick people not able to afford and or receive treatment. Lastly there is a lack of access to all levels of education in Sentinel City. There is only one District School that is populated with children. There are no higher-level education establishments available. The lack of education supports can restrict the development of the surrounding population. Obesity is a health problem that affects a greater percentage in the city. According to Healthy people (2017), the initiative sets intents to discourse the correlation amid medical status, social elements, personal conduct, strategies and health care amenities….Solution: SIM410 Assignment 5…..

Sentinel City experience health disparities arising from environmental, economic and social detriment (World Health Organization, 2017). Healthy People 2020 initiative offers ideas for promoting health to all Americans. Healthy People 2020 has observed growth and created targets that boost partnerships across communities. The initiative also measures the effect of prevention policies, and empower individuals to making well-versed health care choices. Community assessment in Sentinel city struggles to improve the societal health. Sentinel City is made up of several stakeholders that can assist in tackling health issues in the region.

Local governments, youth organizations, public health agencies, schools as well as civic and social organizations are all means for tackling health care concerns in the city.  Collaboration of these organizations can lead to creation of development programs to help eliminate social and healthcare problems in the city. Local governments should work in association with private-developers to come up with all-inclusive plans and zoning regulations to raise the total free spaces in neighboring localities. Various health providers have recognized the need for community involvement in preventing and promoting quality health care….Solution: SIM410 Assignment 5….


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