use of telehealth

The use of telehealth enables healthcare workers to communicate with patients via emails, phone, and other web-based programs or even digital media. This makes the interaction of health care workers and patients distance based. Telehealth is used in providing healthcare services to people living in rural areas or remote areas. It helps reduce the barriers to people accessing care services when they live away from healthcare service specialists. Telehealth allows people who have mobility issues or access restrictions to healthcare facilities. Telehealth is effective in offering communication and counseling services to patients. Healthcare workers can use telehealth to monitor patients. Telehealth can be used in diabetes management and prevention of type 2 diabetes. This enables the delivery of affordable and evidence-based lifestyle change programs to patients to prevent or delay the chances of type 2 diabetes (Crilly & Kayyali, 2020). Telehealth can be used in providing tobacco cessation services. Stroke management and epilepsy management can be done via Telehealth services.

Proper telehealth and patient monitoring management assist in accessing and delivering healthcare services. This makes the process of providing care cost-effective and reliable. A good support infrastructure should be installed to deliver telehealth services properly. Addressing the challenge of healthcare workers’ shortage assists in the delivery of healthcare services. Focus on patient engagement in the process of care delivery. Proper data collection and analyzing patient outcomes (Crilly & Kayyali, 2020). This ensures adequate patient management. Collaborating and connecting with other organizations assists in the delivery of healthcare services.



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Patients and families particicpating in care planning is absolutely the best practice.  The PCC environment is an initiative many facilities have implemented.  Can you think of any potential problems that may develop in the PCC environment?

use of telehealth

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