Month: September 2023

Patient Advocacy

Specifically define the role of the registered nurse in patient advocacy. Describe situations in which nursing advocacy can assist patients within the healthcare environment. Defend why nurses are, or are not, adequately prepared, in pre-licensure education, to act as patient advocates. Compose at least 2-3 paragraphs all in APA format with proper references The role …

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Hospital Performance

The table below gives some operational statistics for two hospitals located in the same community. Use the table to answer the following questions. Calculate the following measures for each hospital (wherever appropriate, calculate the measure for each pay type). Discuss the meaning and significance of each measure and point out the differences between the two …

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Patient Safety Events

Summary Data Analysis Form Analysis 1: What is the mean age of patients in the patient safety data set? 54.8 years   Analysis 2: What percentage of patients were reported to have fallen during their hospitalization? _38____ %     Analysis 3: What percentage of patients reported catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) during their hospitalization? …

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Dimensions of Culture

You will interview at least two people who belong to cultural groups other than your own and who themselves are from different cultures so that you may reflect on and analyze your intercultural communication competence as well as the importance of cultural diversity awareness. As part of your analysis, you should apply concepts from your …

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Sociological Concepts

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to introduce Mills’ Sociological Imagination as well as to describe a personal situation that you select to serve as the main topic of the Sociological Imagination essay that you will submit in week 10. The topic is left to your discretion and is preferably a situation that stands …

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