Case Analysis

The first step is to summarize the case. What was the specific problem the doctor, patient, healthcare administrator, or medical researcher was facing? What actions did the agent featured in the case take to solve the problem or issue? Try to summarize the case for someone who has never read it before. Be sure to use your own words as you summarize the case! A good method is to read the case several times, and then try to write a “sketch” of the case from memory. At any event, the most important goal is to summarize the case using your own words. Your summary of the case should be approximately one half to three quarters of a page in length.

  1. The second step is to summarize the argument provided in one of the commentaries following the case. What does the commentator argue about the case? What recommendation does the commentator make and what reasons does the commentator provide to support the recommendation? You might want to “sketch” an outline of the argument before beginning the summary (identify the thesis and the reasons that support it). Your summary of the commentator’s position should be approximately one half to three quarters of a page in length.
  2. Quotations from the case should be kept to a minimum. For a case analysis, you should paraphrase material presented in the text as much as possible. Try to present the issues in your own words and formulations. Use citations to indicate the material you paraphrase and summarize. Please use the APA in-text citation format (including page numbers). If you cannot avoid providing a direct quotation, please indicate it by using quotation marks and page numbers (APA in-text citation format) so that the reader may reference it later. Also include a title page and works cited page in APA format.
  3. The final step is to analyze the actions taken by the agent(s) to solve the ethical dilemma in question. Provide your own evaluation of the actions taken by the agents in the case. Did the actions adequately solve the issue from both a medical and an ethical perspective? Is there anything you would have done differently to solve the ethical dilemma? Try to incorporate considerations based upon the ethical theories and concepts examined in class. Your analysis of actions taken, as well as your own recommendations, should be approximately one page in length. The overall length of the project should be approximately 2-2.5 pages in length. You are free to write beyond this length if you desire to do so, but please limit your paper to no more than three pages.

case analysis

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