dimensions of patient- and family-centered care

DQ 1

Reflect on the “IHI Module PFC 102: Key Dimensions of Patient and Family Centered Care” module. Explain how the four dimensions of patient- and family-centered care are applied or can be applied within your organization. How does your organization collaborate with patients and families to redesign care?

dimensions of patient- and family-centered care


The four dimensions of patient- and family-centered care (PFCC) can be applied within my organization by incorporating them into the organization’s policy and ensuring that each employee is tied to them through their work contract. According to Park et al. (2018), this type of care promotes the collaboration of all stakeholders in a healthcare setting at all levels of care. Its objective is to promote the wellbeing and health of families/individuals and to facilitate their control. By ensuring that the policy of the organization promotes the PFCC, then it will be possible to create and sustain a culture of collaboration between all stakeholders in attaining the best healthcare outcomes for all.

My organization collaborates with patients and families to redesign care through the use of surveys and interviews. After each individual receives a healthcare service or treatment, he/she is actively engaged to describe his/her experience. Patients and families are encouraged to be honest and reveal both negative and positive aspects of their experience. The feedback is then analyzed by the organization and used to identify areas that require improvement. Thereafter, the relevant corrective actions can be taken to ensure the concerns of patients and families are addressed. This type of collaboration entails families/patients and the healthcare practitioners taking complementary roles and cooperatively working together (Kokorelias et al., 2019). Through shared problem solving, my organization is able to redesign care.


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