Ethical Research

Define ethical research. Give one example of ethical misconduct give examples of why you think this. Provide one example of an unethical research study and state why it is unethical.

Ethical Research

There are various guidelines to ethical research which defined by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) includes social and clinical value, scientific validity, fair subject selection, informed consent, and independent review. The research should be designed to answer a specific question and be able to contribute to a better understanding of health or ways to improve methods of preventing, treating and caring for people…. Ethical Research…. The research should be designed in such a way that it will give understandable answers and could be repeated again with clear methods, and reliable practices through the study. When a study is conducted with variance to being reliable, it questions the validity of the given answer. The recruiting process for the research should be unbiased although there should be something to gain at the end of the study for those who participate in the research. Benefit should always outweigh the risk, and any benefit should be fully maximized.

There was a study conducted in the late 1990s by Andrew Wakefield, who published an article in The Lancet which claimed to have found a link between the measles virus and autism. He theorized through biased opinion, along with further monetary gains that the MMR triad vaccine would cause autistic symptoms. He also theorized that measles virus caused inflammatory lesions in the colon, causing problems with the color which released neurotoxic proteins into the bloodstream that would leak into the brain, causing autism….Ethical Research….. After further investigation of this study, and this publication there were many issues with the information and further opposition of the link between autism and vaccines. The misinformation caused many to wait to vaccinate their children. Wakefield lost accreditation and the publication in The Lancet was to be taken down.



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