managing costs

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Reflecting on the “IHI Module TA 103: Increasing Value and Reducing Waste at the Point of Care,” describe the role of the DNP-prepared nurse in managing costs. Identify one common barrier to cost management and inappropriate resource use. Discuss a change theory and how it can be applied in nursing practice to integrate sustainable care delivery. Provide supporting evidence.


managing costs


A DNP-prepared nurse plays a significant role in managing costs. According to Dion, Oerther, and Davidson (2021), such a nurse works in an executive role, which means he/she must possess substantial knowledge regarding healthcare economics. The complexity of healthcare requires a nurse leader to not only have clinical experience but be financially savvy with a business acumen. The management of costs is vital when dealing with aspects such as managed care, grant writing, reimbursement, healthcare insurance, and budgeting.

A common barrier to cost management and inappropriate resource use is government policy. In the US, poor government healthcare policy has resulted in the cost of healthcare services rising to unprecedented levels. Despite the country having the most expensive healthcare in the world, healthcare outcomes for the public lag behind other developed nations. The available resources are not used effectively while costs continue to rise undesirably due to the government’s inability to properly regulate the healthcare service industry.

An example of a change theory is Lewin’s change theory. This theory is founded on a three-stage change of model referred to as unfreezing-change-refreezing (Shirey, 2018). This theory can be applied in nursing practice to integrate sustainable care delivery. Specifically, it can be used to explain major changes that are being applied in a healthcare setting. More so, it can be used to ensure that new habits are created to ensure the change is permanent and that people do not revert back to the old way of doing things.


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