patient safety and prevention of harm

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Reflecting on the “IHI Module: PS 202 Achieving Total Systems of Safety,” describe the eight recommendations proposed in the IHI report that DNP leaders can apply to accelerate patient safety and the prevention of harm. What three key recommendations will you use as a DNP leader to promote safety among the workforce in your organization to improve health outcomes?

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patient safety and prevention of harm


There are eight recommendations in the IHI report that can help accelerate patient safety and the prevention of harm:

  • Ensure that leaders establish and sustain a safety culture: Employees will follow what their leaders preach and practice. Hence, getting good leaders who embrace safety is vital in promoting a culture of patient safety.
  • Create centralized and coordinated oversight of patient safety: Ensuring that people are held accountable for their actions is essential in promoting and sustaining good patient safety practices (Leininger et al., 2021).
  • Create a common set of safety metrics that reflect meaningful outcomes: There have to be clear and standardized metrics to measure patient safety outcomes. These metrics should also have clear measurable outcomes.
  • Increase funding for research in patient safety and implementation science: Research is crucial in getting new information on how best to enhance patient safety practices.
  • Address safety across the entire care continuum: All stakeholders in healthcare delivery should embrace patient safety and practices aimed at preventing harm.
  • Support the health care workforce: Healthcare practitioners should receive supplementary support to increase their effectiveness when handling patient safety issues.
  • Partner with patients and families for the safest care: Collaboration with the recipients of healthcare services is vital in identifying problems from a perspective that may not be obvious to healthcare practitioners (Nates et al., 2020).
  • Ensure that technology is safe and optimized to improve patient safety​: Technology should be regulated and standardized by relevant authorities to ensure patients are not put in harm’s way when organizations delivery healthcare services.

The three key recommendations that I will use as a DNP leader to promote safety among the workforce are 1,3, and 7. These three recommendations are wholesome and cover diverse issues related to the promotion of good practices with regard to patient safety and the prevention of harm.


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