Then compare it to one other state’s Nurse Practice Act. Use citations from the professional nursing literature and your state’s Nurse Practice Act or scope of practice documents as resources.

Solution: SIM405 Component 3

Solution: SIM405 Component 3. Professional standards define the proficient care levels for every stage of nursing practice. These standards replicate the anticipated, and attainable level of enactment. The professional standards serve the main purpose of directing as well as maintaining clinically competent and safe area of nursing practice. The standards promote and guide clinical practice, …

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Professional Standards

Professional Standards. Nurses must act to prevent unsafe and unethical care practices.  Many resources exist to resolve ethical and other practice dilemmas. Watch the Professional Standards Scenario below before continuing. Once you’ve watched the scenario, analyze it related to delegation according to your own state’s Nurse Practice Act. Then, compare it to one other state’s …

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