Cultural Context of a Global Health Problem

In this assignment, you will explore the cultural context of a global health problem and consider how the structure of a health care system affects the way the problem is addressed.

Step 1: Identify a global health problem.
Choose ONE health problem that affects people around the world. (Examples are Type II diabetes, depression, a type of cancer, Tuberculosis, obesity etc.).

Step 2: Gather data.
Find scholarly sources, research and gather global data about the health problem you have identified. Find reliable statistics that support the global nature of this problem. For example, the World Health Organization posts disease and health risk prevalence data on a country-by-country basis. Searching websites of humanitarian organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Operation Smile, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation can provide additional context about the health problem.

Step 3: Create the slide presentation.
Address the following points in your 10-12 slide presentation:

Description of the problem

  • Provide a summary of the problem and how it impacts health
  • Describe the global impact of the health problem. Using statistics and other data compare the impact of the health problem in different parts of the world

Cultural nursing perspectives of the problem

  • Describe the ways culture influences the risk factors, treatment and/or prognosis of the problem. Examples can be language barriers, food preparation, folk medicine usage etc. You may connect to one culture or multiple cultures in answering this prompt
  • Identify one or two cultural care strategies that nurses could use to improve the health problem

Health care system impact on the problem

  • Discuss how the structure of health care systems affect the way the health problem is addressed
    • Compare at least two countries with different health care systems. Discuss any differences in health outcome statistics for the health problem between the two countries. Is there any evidence for why these differences or lack of differences occur?
    • Consider how the structure of a health care system affects the way the problem is addressed. For example, you may discuss access to care, diagnostic and treatment options, public policies and economic considerations such as costs to the patient. This section of the assignment should be your opinion on the topic, and should include at least three talking points
  • Conclusion slide
  • A reference slide citing any sources used in APA format. At least one scholarly source is required for the assignment. On-slide citations for statistics and other data is required. Please review the APA Powerpoint Presentation in the module for correct format.

Step 4: Add presenter’s notes.
Include talking points and details in the notes area for each slide. These notes should document what you would say to an audience about each slide if you were to present in person.

Step 5: Save and submit your assignment.
When you have completed your assignment, submit a copy to your instructor. Submit the presentation and slide notes as one document. To do this, go to print the presentation and click next to the “Full Page Slides” to open the dropdown menu. Select “Notes Pages”. You should now see the presentation and the slide notes on one document. Under printer select “Print to PDF” and save the presentation in a safe place. Then submit your assignment. If you have problems submitting this way, it is ok to submit the presentation as a .ppt or .pptx file.

cultural context of a global health problem

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