Directions for Nurse Leader interview

Summarize, in one to two paragraphs, your interview with a nurse leader by stating the topic chosen for your interview (from directions below),  the nurse leader’s response and what you have learned from the interview. Use fictitious names and places for the nurse leader and the healthcare organization. Cite the interview as a “personal communication” (refer to APA 6th ed. citations). Include the nurse leader’s formal professional title, academic credentials, date and times of the interview.

Directions for Nurse Leader interview

Interview an advanced practice nurse in a clinical, administrative, or education role. You do not have to record this interview or submit a transcript of the interview. Choose one or two topics from 1-5 below.

Some suggestions include:

  1. The role of the nurse in identifying patient safety or health outcomes.
  2. What is the accreditation process of the institution and who is the healthcare organization accredited by?
  3. For Magnet Hospitals:  What are the nursing roles and  practices that led to this certification?
  4. How is evidence-based practice utilized in the chosen healthcare setting and who makes the recommendations for change?
  5. Any other questions generated by the course content may be chosen and expanded upon.

Directions for Nurse Leader interview

For my interview, I had the opportunity to speak with Jane Smith, the Chief Nursing Officer at Mercy Hospital. I chose to focus on the topic of the role of the nurse in identifying patient safety or health outcomes. Ms. Smith emphasized the importance of nurses being vigilant advocates for their patients and constantly assessing for potential risks. She discussed how Mercy Hospital has implemented a reporting system for near-miss events, allowing for proactive identification of potential issues and improvement in patient safety.

Through this interview, I learned how critical the role of the nurse is in patient safety and how nurses must be proactive in identifying and addressing potential risks. Ms. Smith’s emphasis on the importance of communication, both within the healthcare team and with patients and families, highlighted the importance of a collaborative and patient-centered approach to care. Overall, the interview reinforced the idea that nursing leadership is essential in creating and maintaining a culture of safety within healthcare organizations. (Personal communication, J. Smith, Chief Nursing Officer, Mercy Hospital, April 10, 2023, 2:00 PM).

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