Peer review

The discussion assignment provides a forum for discussing relevant topics for this week on the basis of the course competencies covered.

For this assignment, make sure you post your data collection and analysis sections to the Discussion Area by the due date assigned. Then, post your peer review to the appropriate Discussion Area by the end of the week.

To support your work, use your course and text readings and also use the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.

Start reviewing and responding to the postings of your classmates as early in the week as possible. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ initial postings. Participate in the discussion by asking a question, providing a statement of clarification, providing a point of view with a rationale, challenging an aspect of the discussion, or indicating a relationship between two or more lines of reasoning in the discussion. Cite sources in your responses to other classmates. Complete your participation for this assignment by the end of the week

Peer Review

This week, you will conduct a thorough and thoughtful peer review of a classmate’s data collection and analysis sections. The purpose of the peer review is to strengthen your analytical abilities and your writing. You will also learn how to provide constructive and communicative feedback and to respond to feedback on your own work. The concept of peer reviewing is not to grade the paper but to add constructive feedback to the assigned classmate’s paper in order to help strengthen the work.

By the end of the week, post your data collection and analysis sections to the Discussion Area for a classmate to review.

By the end of the week, conduct a thorough and thoughtful classmate review. You may use track changes and add formative comments throughout the document. At the end of the document, give 2–3 paragraphs of summative feedback on the paper. Post this document to your classmate’s discussion thread.

By the end of the week, review your classmate’s feedback on your data collection and analysis sections. If you agree with the recommended changes, incorporate them in the document in Week 10. Post a response for the classmate. Ensure that you incorporate the rationale for any of the changes that you did not include or clarifications that the classmate may have asked for. Of course, in any peer review process, it is always nice to start with a simple “Thank you” to your classmate for taking the time to review and evaluate your work.

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Peer review

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